Back in Balance ~ Back in Motion

Your onsite consultation will teach you how you and your horse will benefit from a well-fitted saddle.

~ Improve communication
~ Increase comfort
~ Advance performance

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Good equine management means a ‘whole horse’ approach.

Include muscle maintenance in your horse’s regular health care regime and check the fit of your equipment on a regular basis.

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Equi-Lutions provides Equine Back Care Solutions.

Massage Therapy

Muscle soreness is a leading performance inhibitor and often goes undetected until lameness presents. Avoid long-term compensatory issues and maintain healthy muscles. Basic muscle maintenance can ensure long term back health for your horse.

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Saddle Fitting

Have the biomechanics of your horse assessed by Holly, a Certified Saddle-Fitter and Registered Equine Massage Therapist. Your horse’s conformation plays a major role in saddle-fitting. Find out how your horse’s anatomy will dictate how a saddle will fit.

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Like bad tires on a Ferrari, your girth and saddle pad can have a major influence on the performance of your saddle.

Find out how to check if your saddle pad fits and if your girth is hindering your horse’s comfort.

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